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What is Consolite?

Data management and Microsoft Excel are unfortunately not exactly a perfect combination. If you want to consult, analyse and segment your financial data, you will quickly hit some walls because the limitations of spreadsheet’s usage. Obtaining a total and consistent overview or managing all your date in a controlled way.

The allround solution for an effective financial consolidation? Consolite 24/7, a revolutionary software solution for the management and analysis of all your financial data. This easy, quick and advanced software offers an optimal and secured access to all your consolidated data. No maintenance issues or compatibility problems, and with a limited risk for manual errors.

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Benefits Consolite?

  • Effective version management of all your data 
  • Technical financial consolidation rules applied
  • Knowledge and data are not centralized anymore by one single person
  • Data, segments and reports easy to define (pivot tables principle)
  • Can also be used for non financial data (e.g. marketing data)
  • Fully integrated with Excel for the data import
  • Easy data export towards Excel, Acces or CSV-files