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Financial coaching for start-up and young companies

Launching a new business is often a quite risky challenge. Do you want to make a good start? In that case, you should limit the ‘unknowns’. Maximize your chances for commercial success by choosing straight away the assistance from an experienced financial expert.

ARSIMA Projects will answer all your questions about the financial management of your new company. Our consultants are available for short (minimum: half day), recurring and long (international) missions.

Reality check of your business plan

Establishing a business- and financieel plan is essential for the learning curve of every entrepreneur. That’s why ARSIMA Projects will not do it for you. What do we do then? Perform a sound reality check on your version and guide you for its further development.

Break your dreams? That’s also something that we do not do. We help you to realize your target by providing you with objective advice, but also by asking you difficult questions and jointly calculate the financial impacts. In all this, we only have one single purpose: to realize your dream in a sustainable way.


Wich financial coaching?

  • Reality check of your financial plan
  • Costs- and margin calculations
  • Strategic overviews
  • Select/implement accountancy software
  • Multiple financial analysis
  • Pitching
  • Cash flow analyse 
  • ERP parametrisation
  • Defining your revenue streams
  • Subsidy requests and funding
  • Debt rescheduling
  • Follow up customers


  • Finance for Startups
  • Entrepreneur's lessons