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ИТАН: Conception of your international ERP or accounting system from any local-based system

For your legal entities based in Russia, Poland, Germany, Belorussia, Ukraine or Kazakhstan, let us help you conceptualize and integrate your local ERP/IT systems (e.g. 1C) by means of our consultancy and implementation services, based on the ITAN module.


Advantages Functionalities:

  • Flexible mapping
  • Flexible report construction
  • Flexible period closing
  • Automatic handling of dual closing dates
  • Flexible reversal schedule transformation postings
  • Standard parallel accounting fixed assets, financial leasing, discounting of future revenues, costs
  • Recalculation period results in various currencies and rates, recalculation period-end balances in foreign currency
  • Automatic check unassigned translations, transparent transformation reports


Advantages Architecture:

  • Built-in subsystem 1C
  • Leaves 1C configuration unaltered, easy release update


Design and development of automatic data exchange interfaces between corporate ERP and local 1C based system 


Example realized automotive project:

System design and development of the integration model for corporate ERP and local 1C based system.


Set-up and implementation of standard 1C-based systems, with own trainings and maintenance


Additional tools for 1C which essentially improve standard 1C functionality

  • Expense Reports - Upload Tool 1C
  • Customs Import Declarations - Upload Tool 1C
  • Multilanguage desktop
  • Automated mailings of documents and reports from 1C
  • Mass printing (PDF and other)
  • Aging Reports

Contact us to request our brochure or if you have any specific question:


Russian office

Yuriy Zarya (English, Русский)

Direct phone: +7 906 77 00 208  -  yuriy.zarya [at] mail.ru 


Belgian office

Martin van Wunnik (English, Français, Nederlands, Deutsch)

Direct phone: +32 2 880 79 55  -  info [at] arsimaprojects.eu