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10 april 2015

Top 10 reasons to use a Risk Management dashboard

Companies that operate worldwide often face specific recurring issues with regards to financial risk management (FX, IR, Commodities).

If you believe you do not need a risk management dashboard, please have a quick but honest look at these issues listed here below:

  • Complex environment

Need to rapidly adjust to the evolving regulatory environment
Competences required mixing finance, IT & regulatory knowledge
Number of counterparts (including new intermediaries and authorities)

  • Data management

Complex data
Multiple data sources
Software “mess”
Too many manual processes or undocumented/unstructured Excel spreadsheets
Inadequate error procedures

  • Managerial impact

High costs without real impact
Ex-post reporting more than ex-ante awareness

In addition to this all, the price of the software solution keeps rising, while useful results are still missing and the overall system proves to be not at all flexible.

Don't you feel compelled by all this...?


FinBoard Treasury offers a simple solution to all these issues and transforms even the most complex data sets into a handy and flexible dashboard with financial engineering capabilities ready to help you in your métier. The manager can then dig deeper into the selected details to understand the figures.

This innovative software gets rid of Excel’s inherent limitations as a tool for data management, and offers almost infinite possibilities for simulation, segmentation and reporting, financial analyses and stress tests.


ARSIMA Projects [ phone: +32 (0)2 880 79 55 ] is now the official distributor of FinBoard Treasury (by FinMetrics) in Belgium, Luxemburg & Netherlands.

Further information: http://arsimaprojects.eu/en/content/finboard-treasury-0

Or by phone at +32 (0)2 880 79 55

Martin van Wunnik - ARSIMA Projects - April 10th, 2015